Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance plan protects you against the risk of serious illness. This type of insurance plan is specially design for very serious illnesses such as kidney failure, a major organ transplant or any other terminal illness that requires huge money for the treatment. This insurance policy covers you for all medical as well as surgical expenses including hospital expenses. If policy holder is diagnosed with any of listed illness in the policy, then he will get all expenses or sum assured as per policy terms. All major insurance providers offer this policy with different options. List of covered illness varies from insurer to insurer. Hence before deciding any insurer always check that maximum critical illnesses must be covered at reasonable premium. You can also purchase this insurance policy with life insurance to save more money on the premium. There is always difference in health insurance and critical illnesspolicy.

Critical illness insurance policy come with lot of benefits such as competitive premium rates as well as income tax exemption on premium paid. To claim this policy, policy holder must survive for some fixed days from illness first diagnosed. This fixed period varies from company to company. Second important condition is diagnosis must be carried by specialist surgeon from that field. There are lot of options available for payment of policy such as some insurer directly pay medical expenses to the hospital or some insurer pay expenses after all formalities are completed for settlement process. Premium depends on coverage of illnesses. You will find lot of options in the market for Critical Illness Insurance policy. You will get exclusive benefits with this policy if you are between age of 25-65 years. Age factor is also major factor to decide the premium. Old age persons require more premium as compared to young age person.

Critical illness insurance offers efficient and effective settlement process. We will help to you find out best deal at best price and guide you throughout negotiation process. You will get quotes free of cost from all insurance providers. These quotes help you to find out correct policy as per your need and budget. We will help you to understand technical and complicated terms of Critical Illness Insurance policy documents. Always read every term and condition of policy before signing it. We will forward your application to correct provider with in time. If provider will not accept your application online, our executive will submit it in the office of the insurance company.

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