Fire Insurance

The fire insurance is required by all businesses as well as residents for mitigating risk in terms of loss occurring from fire accidents. Often fire insurance is part of property insurance, but it is not always true. One has to be careful in ensuring that the fire insurance is the part of property insurance. Fire insurance is very important in some properties where fire hazards are very prone, such as the industrial sectors dealing with petrochemicals. Even paints are very prone for fire hazards, thus it become very important for property owner to ensure fire insurance for their property.

The premium paid on the Fire insurance depends on many factors which include assured money, the environment in which property is located as well as operational safety precautions available with property. Almost all the insurancecompanies will provide cover against fire but the policy of every insurance company will be different.  Hence, before choosing any company read the norms carefully. The Fire Insurance comes with different plans like floating plan, comprehensive plan, valued plan or specific policy. The floating policy will take care of the various properties belonging to the same person. The floating plan may cover the goods stocked in two different stores belonging to same person. The comprehensive plan takes care of the damages occurring due to fire as well as all other perils. It will also take care of the losses that you will make due to closure of the business for certain period due to these damages. The valued policy will fetch you the fixed amount for losses irrespective of the incurred loss. In the specific policy, the policy holder needs to pay a part of the damages. We will help you select the plan as per your requirement.

In case of claim you have to provide all the original details of policy with the schedule. You also have to report to fire brigade and in case of claim you have to just show your past claims and your photographs to Fire Insurancecompany. In India day by day the competition between insurance companies is getting more and more fierce and hence the insurance companies will provide better policies to withstand in the market. However these insurancecompanies are offering competitive rates, but if you go through us then you can get the benefit of negotiated rates. We give assurance of forwarding your application to the right insurance company where along with the rates you will get better services too.