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Office insurance is quite popular insurance of today’s time. This insurance is often availed by the small and big offices to protect their interests against any type of future contingencies. The offices are covered comprehensively under this policy and no separate cover is required for each situation. The offices of real estate agents, travel agencies and many such offices are safely covered under this policy.

While taking office insurance policy, you have to read the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy. You have to also see what your policy covers as well as what it does not cover. Normally every insurance policy will provide cover in case of losses to the contents and for the building also. These losses include fire, lightening, strike, riot, cyclone, storm, terrorism and flood. Burglary is also covered in your policy which can protect your office in the event of theft or burglary. It will also provide the cover for all the equipments in the office. Burglary losses also provide cover for the cash which has maintained safely. In case of an accident it also provides the cover for the plain glasses in your office. Employer’s liability is also covered in your policy. Cheque forgery is the another cover included in your policy which helps you in case of any alteration in the cheques or the losses caused by forgery and the alteration in the draft favoured in your name. While providing cover for personal accidents, Office Insurance policy will provide ambulance charge up to Rs.2000 and in case of death it provide dead body carriage.

However, the terms and conditions as well as the types of covers vary from company to company. But make sure you are going for reputed company where they will provide all types of cover mentioned in their policy. Medical cover is also provided in this policy which will be beneficial against the illness, accident for your office employees. You can get the online quotes offered by many insurance companies where you can compare them and go for the cheaper one. Even we will assist you to choose the best company and if you go through us then you will get negotiated rates. We have already negotiated the rates and you can avail the benefits for your Office Insurance policy if you apply through us. Our experienced staff is ready to help you at every stage of your financial planning.

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