Loan Against Property

The loan against property is easy to avail from various banks and non-banking finance companies (NBFCs). The loan against property is not the same as property loan that you get as property mortgage. The loan against property is the loan that you get by pledging your existing property. The loan amount would be the certain percentage of the property value. The loan amount is offered at the 40% to 60% of the property value. The percentage of the loan will be decided by the lender. If you settle for the lesser percentage of loan then the interest rate charged would be comparatively lesser. The mortgage of property can be availed to buy the property by mortgaging that property while the loan against property is offered on the existing property to avail loan for any other reason. You may get the loan against property by pledging the property at the bank.

This is the best option when you don’t have any other option left for availing loan. The credit rating will also not affect this loan as it is offered against the property. If you require more funds then select the lender that offers more percentage of the property value as a loan amount. If you want the loan at lower interest rate then you may compare the Loan Against Property offered by various banks. You may then select the loan offered at the lowest interest rate. The online quotes can be compared to get the loan at lowest interest rate. We will also get you the online quotes from various banks and NBFCs. You can provide us the details of the property you want to pledge, the loan amount you wish to have, the term of loan you are looking forward to and EMI you can afford. We will get you the best loan that will match all your requirements.

Once you have selected the loan provider then you can apply online with us. We will forward your online application to the respective bank. If the online application will not be accepted by that bank then we will also make sure that your application hard copy reaches the desired bank. We have also negotiated the special interest rates for you. If you apply for the Loan through us then we will ensure that you get the lowest rate compared to the market rate. You may get the maximum benefit while applying through us.

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