Marine Insurance

Marine insurance covers ships as well as boats and their cargo from any type of damages caused due to loss, theft, flood and vandalism. You will get protection for liabilities arising out of collision with other ships. This type of insurance policy offers comprehensive coverage to the ship from origin to final destination point. Marine insurance also covers offshore and onshore properties such as container terminal, oil platforms, ports and pipelines. You will get complete coverage for marine causalities. It will also provide full protection due to unfriendly actions to your goods and boats. You can choose policy for only boat or cargo or for both as per your need and convenience. Premium varies as per coverage and you have lot of options to minimize your premium. Marine insurance is becoming very popular these days because it is the cheapest way of transportation of the goods.

Marine insurance provides actual total loss as well as constructive total loss as per nature of the damage. An actual total loss is used in those situations where position of damage is clear. Constructive total loss is used in those situations where picture of loss is not clear and damages are calculated according to economical standards. You will get cover for damages either on voyage basis or on time basis. The voyage type coverage is only for two ports that is for starting port to final port. But time basis is typically for period basis and come for minimum one year. In time basis cover you will get coverage for so many trips throughout the world. Premium of this type of Marine Insurance also depends on size of boat, type of boat and owners insurance history. Hence always read policy documents carefully before finalizing it and see what is covered and what is not covered.

Marine insurance offers safety to your boat as well as goods up to great extent at very reasonable price. We will help you to find out free quotes of different insurance providers. After analyzing these quotes you will able to find out best deal for you. We ensure you that your insurance application will be forwarded to correct Marine Insurance company. If insurance company will not accept online application, our executives will personally submit your application in the office of insurance company. We will provide complete help from our experts to understand terms and conditions of the insurance policy. You can also trust us to avail the lowest premium.

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